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Melting Pot

Sophie Streeting is an ex-student of Simon's from Westminster College who excelled at Front of house hospitality. Starting a successful career and rising quickly up the promotion ladder, Sophie looked set to continue this trend.

When the refugee crisis hit Southern Europe Sophie gave up her job to volunteer in Greece at the Movement on the Ground foundation in Lesvos, a Dutch organization with a mission to provide immediate human relief, cultivate solutions and drive sustainable change with and for people on the move. Interacting with these refugees daily, Sophie saw how the many different cultures were drawn together at mealtimes when they cooked and shared food.

Sophie saw the possibility to draw on this diverse knowledge and at the same time raise much needed money.


With Movement on the Grounds support, Sophie collected recipes from around the camp and set about creating a phenomenal cookbook that showcases the wealth of diversity the camp’s hold.

The Seven Tuns is proud to support Sophie and this cause and is offering the book for sale. With all profit going directly into the running of this camp, this is not just a way of helping people who have been displaced through no fault of their own, but also to own this must have cookbook.

Copies of this book are available for £27.50 at the pub.

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